Louisiana Institute of Higher Education


#55 “Stonewall Jackson: His Life and How He Really Died”

2007-2008 History Lecture Series Season – February 11th, 2008

Ron Chapman, Assistant Professor of History, Nunez Community College

Attendance – 68



Lecture Description


 General Robert E. Lee depended upon the counsel and battlefield expertise of General Thomas “Stonewall” Jackson and truly believed that his loss hastened the demise of the Confederacy. Jackson was shot by his own men after the Battle of Chancellorsville. Many believed he died from pneumonia as a result of those wounds. However, recent medical analysis suggests that he may have died of a ruptured liver which occurred when the troops evacuating him to the rear after he was shot, dropped him off of the litter and onto a tree stump during the confusion of that night. This lecture detailed the last days of General Jackson and the testimony of those about him with special emphasis on his deteriorating medical condition.