Louisiana Institute of Higher Education


#43 “The 3 Rs of St. Bernard Education: Reflection, Rebuilding, and Rebirth”

2006-2007 History Lecture Series Season – November 6th, 2006

Doris Voitier, Superintendent of Education, St. Bernard Public Schools

Attendance – 42



Lecture Description


 After close to thirty years experience with the St. Bernard Parish educational system, Doris Voitier became the Superintendent in 2004, just before everything was to change with Hurricane Katrina. In the lecture, she told of her experiences during and after the Storm. She improvised as Chalmette High School unexpectedly became a shelter for over 1200 people, including those with severe medical conditions. The immense devastation of the Storm left all twenty buildings within the school system uninhabitable. However, Voitier forged ahead with resources solely from the Public School System, and she watched the start of classes within eleven weeks. Voitier’s efforts to bring back the school system gained her national recognition when she became a recipient of the John F. Kennedy Profile in Courage Award.