Louisiana Institute of Higher Education


#36 “World War II & the Korean War: St. Bernard Connections”

2003-2004 History Lecture Series Season – March 7th, 2005

Ron Chapman, Assistant Professor of History, Nunez Community College

Charles Kingston, Korean War veteran

Allen Tillery, World War II veteran

Attendance – 91



Lecture Description


 The lecture explored the conditions and emotions of the average soldier during combat. Too often, history books take the perspective of the generals and presidents. Missing in this approach are the sights, sounds and smells of some of the most extreme situations that human beings have ever been asked to endure. A secondary theme was that World War II in the Pacific and the Korean War were connected in many ways. Chapman gave a brief historical overview of American involvement in the wars in Asia in the 1940s and early 1950s. Allen Tillery, local resident and World War II veteran in the Pacific, recounted his times as a soldier in the war against Japan. Finally, Charles Kingston, local resident and Korean War veteran, told about his ordeals in the “forgotten” war.