Louisiana Institute of Higher Education


#33 “A History: From New Orleans to St. Bernard”

2004-2005 History Lecture Series Season – December 6th, 2004

Ron Chapman, Assistant Professor of History, Nunez Community College

Attendance – 100


Lecture Description


 Chapman gave a geographical history of New Orleans and St. Bernard. Starting with the formation of the French Quarter, he detailed how the city developed – in a physical sense – in response to geographical and historical advantages and limitations. Essentially building in a swamp, New Orleanians used ingenious technological means to reclaim different areas of the city. The good news was that New Orleans developed into a modern city. The bad news was that the bowl-shaped result of the reclamation process left the city extremely vulnerable to devastation by a hurricane. Also, the levee system and other developments that had protected the city had the unintended consequence of the loss of our coastal wetlands. Chapman also detailed the history of the Mississippi River Gulf Outlet and its effect on St. Bernard. The Opening Act was John Jedlan.