Louisiana Institute of Higher Education


#28 “History of Old Arabi”

2004-2005 History Lecture Series Season – September 13th, 2004

Chris Fatzer, Local Historian

Michelle Buuck, Local Historian and Author

Attendance – 140



Lecture Description


 In spite of impending Hurricane Ivan, Chris Fatzer, local historian, delivered a comprehensive overview of the history of Old Arabi. He opened with a discussion of the early plantations with an emphasis on locations, owners, dwellings and products. Next, he delved into the initial residential development of Old Arabi, including the background of the name of the town and of the main streets. Finally, he detailed the history of notable businesses, including the St. Bernard Voice, the Crescent City Livestock Landing and Slaughter House Company, the Ford Motor Company, the American Sugar Refining Company, and the New Orleans Terminal Company. Manning also gave an update on the restoration progress of the LeBeau Mansion. The Opening Act entertainment was provided by Shannon Gildea, part of the cast of An Evening with Betsy: Voices from the Storm .