Louisiana Institute of Higher Education


#15 “The History of St. Bernard: the St. Bernard Voice

2002-2003 History Lecture Series Season – March 10th, 2003

Ron Chapman, Instructor of History, Nunez Community College

Attendance – 115


Lecture Description


 Chapman drew upon over a decade of experience as a columnist at the St. Bernard Voice to highlight the contributions of the Roy family to the community. As one of the oldest continually operating, family-owned newspapers in Louisiana, the pages of the Voice have chronicled the history of St. Bernard, and the Roy family has had a front-row seat on every major event for the last century. Chapman used archival research to trace the evolution of some of the most important issues in the history of St. Bernard, including the Trapper’s War, the 1927 Mississippi Flood and the establishment of the Mississippi River Gulf Outlet. Also the lecture detailed the changes in the methods of collecting news and printing a newspaper over the years. A special presentation was made to Guests of Honor E. M. Roy and Mazie Doody.