Louisiana Institute of Higher Education


#14 “Business History of Early Arabi”

2002-2003 History Lecture Series Season – February 3rd, 2003

Michelle Buuck, Author, The Historic LeBeau House: A Forgotten Monument

Attendance – 212


Lecture Description


 Michelle Buuck spoke about the early occupational history of Arabi. She came across fascinating information in doing research for her recently-published book, The Historic LeBeau House: A Forgotten Monument. Buuck traced the colorful history of Arabi through the various uses of plantations to the stockyards that gave Arabi its first name to the gambling houses in the first part of the twentieth century.

In addition to the lecture, John Kane, the original director of the Elaine P. Nunez Technical Institute, was honored with the dedication of the Kane Technology Wing on the College campus. Kane was an advocate for vocational education in Louisiana and especially in St. Bernard Parish. His history was the history of business education in St. Bernard for the previous thirty years.