Louisiana Institute of Higher Education


#13 “Battle of New Orleans”

2002-2003 History Lecture Series Season – January 13th, 2003

Ron Chapman, Instructor of History, Nunez Community College

Attendance – 156


Lecture Description


 Chapman discussed the Battle of New Orleans, one of American history’s defining moments. He lectured on the strategy of the battle, the context of the War of 1812, the personal histories of Jackson and Pakenham, and the diverse make-up of the soldiers who fought in the Battle. The Auditorium lobby housed an excellent display of artifacts and replicas from the era of the Battle. Being able to see and feel a Brown Bess rifle and the items from a soldier’s “possibles bag” brought a greater immediacy and connection with the past. Charles Pecquet, drafting professor at the College, and his band of re-enactors brought the era to life.