Louisiana Institute of Higher Education


#11 “Vietnam War Experience in St. Bernard”

2002-2003 History Lecture Series Season – November 4th, 2002

Brian Keating, 560th Military Police Company

Hilton Preau, 101st Airborne & 9th Infantry Division

Neil Caldwell, 1st Military Intelligence Detachment, 1st Infantry Division

Attendance – 102



Lecture Description


 The lecture explored the War in Vietnam from a distinctly St. Bernard perspective. Michael Neff presented an original poem. Brian Keating, Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs for the College and a member of the 560th Military Police Company, gave a brief historical overview to provide a context for the military operations and also spoke about his transition back to civilian life. Hilton Preau, President of the St. Bernard Chapter of the Vietnam Veterans of America, gave a combat perspective from his vantage point in the 101st Airborne and 9th Infantry Division. Neil Caldwell with the 1st Military Intelligence Detachment of the 1st Infantry Division showed that there were also some lighter moments in a generally dark time. The lecture was especially relevant as the country was in the midst of the public debate over what was to become the Iraq War, a military action in another country about which most Americans knew little.