Louisiana Institute of Higher Education


#10 “Women’s History in St. Bernard”

2002-2003 History Lecture Series Season – October 7th, 2002

Carroll Devine, WWNO Radio Announcer and Local Writer

Christina Vella, Adjunct Professor of History, Tulane University

Anna Weidenhaft, Retired Teacher

Alberta Graf Lewis, Owner, Sebastopol Plantation

Attendance – 76


Lecture Description


 Women have had a large impact on the history of St. Bernard, and the lecture served as a starting point to catalog their achievements with the goal of creating a Women’s History section of the Nunez Archives. Carroll Devine, WWNO Radio announcer and local writer, moderated the lecture and detailed the contributions of several prominent women, including Maude Bergeron and Thelma Deano. Anna Weidenhaft, a long-time local teacher, told of the changes she had witnessed. Dr. Christina Vella, Tulane history professor, spoke about the role of women in antebellum St. Bernard. Alberta Graf Lewis, owner of Sebastopol Plantation, traced the achievements of several women in plantation life. Lena Torres, “the first lady of St. Bernard,” was also recognized.