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 The Battle of New Orleans of the popular imagination, the land battle that took place on January 8th, will be detailed in this overview of military tactics and strategy.  Chapman will discuss the preparation of the battlefield from the American and British perspectives as well as the major engagements.  The surprising conclusion is that the British might actually have won the Battle – and definitely would have won if they had used a simple piece of wood or not fallen for Andrew Jackson’s bold bluff.





Lecturer Description


 Ron Chapman is a Professor of History at Nunez Community College in Chalmette, Louisiana.  He wrote The Battle of New Orleans: But For a Piece of Wood and has written numerous articles in magazines like Louisiana Life and New Orleans Magazine.  He also writes a weekly column for The St. Bernard Voice newspaper, the local official journal, for which he has received eight “Best Regular Column” awards over the past 28 years from the Louisiana Press Association.