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 Explore the rich history of our National Anthem, born in war as a poem in 1814, and still sung today to represent our country. From its inception off the coast of Baltimore during the bombardment of Fort McHenry, to its adaptation to a popular drinking song,  to Anacreon in Heaven, to its final approval and passage as the official National Anthem of the United States in 1931, to present day, it has stood the test of time and controversy. The Star-Spangled Banner has become the song most recognizable and most used at ceremonies around the world to honor the United States of America.




Lecturer Description


 Michele Minor was born and raised in St. Bernard Parish, still residing and working in her beloved home. Her musical career began in high school, with performances in choral ensembles and many musical productions. She frequently signs the National Anthem for graduations and other ceremonies. Her love of history permeates her adult life, aiding her in her role as Nunez Community College's History Lecture Series Producer. Working in the background of the Battle of New Orleans Historical Symposium since its inception, Michele considers it an honor to be a presenter this year, and has taken an active role in assisting with the logistical aspects of the Battle of New Orleans Historical Tour for its first run this year.