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 Old Hickory and Old Creoles: Andrew Jackson and the Town He Saved: New Orleans and the World in 1815 /  Andrew Jackson, the Unlikely War Hero


Jackson was known as a ferocious Indian fighter----a raw-boned semi-literate with no patience for pretensions of any sort. New Orleans was known as a quaint enclave of effete aristocrats. What was he like, this rough frontiersman? And what was life really like in the city and its environs when Jackson met New Orleans in 1815?




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 Christina Vella holds a Ph.D. in Modern European and U.S. History. She is currently Visiting Professor at Tulane University. From time to time, she serves as a consultant for the History Channel, NPR, PBS, C-Span, and various museums,  and is a frequent consultant to the U.S. State Department. Having taught for many years, she now devotes most of her time to writing. For information, see www.christinavella.com.